My Radio Interview with Jesus

I was doing a radio show called America Talks Health and it was a brisk February day.  We had various guests on our shows from many fields and JesusBookCoverworking with mental health issues I was used to seeing a broad spectrum of individuals with a host of issues, challenges and perspectives.  On this day my guest was a man who said his name was Jesus and he was the Son of God.

He  was in Houston and shared that he traveled a lot and while in town was visiting the Texas Children’s Hospital to see some of the young patients going through cancer treatments.  We chatted briefly and then I invited listeners to call in and ask any question to the guest on my show.

The first caller was very upset and said they were a church goer all their lives and that Jesus would never appear on a radio show and that as the host with this guest I should be thrown off the air too.

You can imagine this is a very sensitive subject for many people.   I don’t want to share all the details but want to invite you to read all the details in my book that thoroughly examines this show and the topics discussed.

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Dr. Keith Robinson