The Feminar Experience

As much as social psychologists try to convince us that men and women are really alike in most ways the truth is…that’s a lie.  We are different in some very wonderful ways but often in ways that cause us to have great difficulty understanding each other.

One of the major ways that women are different from men (other than the obvious genital hardware…or software as it might also be called) is this:  Often when a woman has experienced a feminar-experiencebreakup in the relationship, she is genuinely interested in ‘what went wrong,’ ‘was there anything I could have done to have salvaged the relationship,’ or ‘what did I learn from the breakup that can make me better at the next one?’  They, as a rule, really care about the problem that resulted in the failed attempt at deeper bonding with what used to be her man.”

It sounds strange to say, since women have been accused of being primarily emotional in their relationship responses, in this setting…they are, as a group, often quite analytical about it.  And, as a man, I can say that most of the time we just say ‘where’s the next woman,’ and after collecting a list of failures in relationships he marvels at the coincidence that all of these women have the same problem.  As one woman told me during an interview for the book, ‘There’s nothing wrong with their pecker’s…it’s their pickers.  As hard as it is to admit the truth…I think she may have hit the nail on the head about us.


One of the most significant characteristics women have encoded down to the smallest piece of their DNA is this:  Women are primarily givers.  

In a family quite often you will find that a woman is working a full time job but hit’s the door at night, having picked up the children from the daycare and school; is the leader of the Scout Troop; works out at the gym to keep her body in shape; is balancing an overfilled bag of groceries she picked up, does more than her share of dirty clothes and dishes after cooking a meal that, unsurprisingly, very few at the table appreciates or even finishes; willingly submits to quick but un-fulfilling sex with a husband who long ago has forgotten the secrets of passion, courtship or even foreplay just before passing out following his fulfillment…within about 1 minute.

The woman is left there staring at the ceiling in an ‘awe of un-fulfillment….again.’  After a quick cleanup, her emotional engine will still be running a little faster after the encounter, so she goes into the living room and picks up that dog-eared romance novel neatly tucked under the loveseat to vicariously enjoy the mental stimulation of ‘real book sex’… happening to someone else.

The Bottom Line is this:  We have to go back and find the boxes we’ve left behind

The Feminar Experience is a one on one journey with me as your guide.  Together we’ll find the boxes of dreams you left behind during your life journey.  Who knows, quite often we find boxes of dreams that you didn’t even know you left.

Nobody else knows about your dreams and certainly nobody else other than you can go find them and revisit the energy of those dreams and, if the time is right, act on those dreams that meant so much when they were born.

So, this experience is probably like nothing you have ever done.  It’s not psychotherapy and it’s not counseling.   What it is a you and a coach taking a walk to find lost friends that may mean a lot.

Some have asked, “Do you read all of our responses to the questions?”  With the Feminar Experience growing quickly, reading all of the answers would be very difficult.  The important thing is not that I read the answers…it’s that you explore the thoughts and memories stirred by the questions and respond to those thoughts and memories by pouring your deepest thoughts and visions into the answering of the questions.

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