Dr. Keith Robinson is a nationally syndicated health radio broadcaster (America Talks Health with Dr. Keith Robinson TM), facial cancer reconstruction specialist, television film producer, screenwriter, professional singer and actor, inventor, and creativity consultant.

His innovative concepts about really understanding the problems of anger and violence in homes, businesses, and schools begin with understanding how our brain serves as the emotional filter for all of life’s information.Dr-Keith-Robinson1

Dr. Keith Robinson is an internationally recognized dental specialist in the rare field of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics (Dental Oncology).

As one of less than 150 private specialists worldwide in this field, Dr. Robinson blends his talents of sculpting, anatomy, ioengineering, psychology, and communication to recreate missing parts of the head and face for patients devastated by cancer and trauma.

An in-depth understanding of the psychology of communication has always been used by Dr. Robinson to locate the specific medical or dental need of the patient.

Through a specific technique, Dr. Robinson has helped the individual create a solution to their “need.”

Many times the patients came to him with years of anger that hide deeper fears about medical or dental procedures. Until the anger can be identified and removed, the fear feeding the anger cannot be observed. Until the unique fear of that person (at that moment) is addressed, the real needs cannot be found.

Dr. Robinson has lectured on a variety of medical, dental, and psychological topics and as President of Health Media Network, L.L.C., he has developed his own method of interpersonal communication for dealing with fear and anger as the major blocker of communication. By using these techniques, many a patients gained new insight for surviving and thriving a severe medical/dental traumatic episode.

“Co-Creative Questioning: The Power of Really Understanding the Needs of Others”

“Ineffective handling involving the fear and anger of someone else repeatedly blocks the performance of business, limits productivity and creates the stress that results in ulcers, headaches, heart problems and sometimes premature death. Those who do not possess the skills of effectively dealing with fear and anger in someone else are at risk of becoming a victim themselves.”

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